Casarion launches buy-to-let mortgage

Casarion has launched the buy-to-let mortgage for financing commercial real estate for professional investors. This also marked the start of their quest to find the right financing platform.

Complying with legislation and regulations is crucial

Obtaining a mortgage for a property that will be rented out can be difficult, as the majority of Dutch banks have little presence in this segment. Casarion was founded in 2019 with the aim of servicing this niche market. 


Being new to the market, a choice had to be made for a financing platform. One of the most important requirements was to find a software partner who could offer an efficient, fully-automated acceptance process that would at the same time provide a qualitatively sound solution for portfolio management and reporting.


The request from Casarion


Help us automate our acceptance process and manage our portfolio, ensuring we comply with all applicable legislation and regulations.


The approach


During the implementation phase, a lot of attention was given to designing the ideal process: what data needs to be captured where, and what needs to be visible to whom. 


“We did this entire exercise together, with people from Casarion and Topicus operating as one team” says Arco ten Klooster, managing director and co-founder of Casarion. “During this phase we had some robust discussions, but always managed to find solutions, working harmoniously and with the same goal in mind.”


The solution


The operating procedure at Casarion has changed significantly. Where previously documents needed for a financing application were stored on a SharePoint, today everything is stored on a single platform where you can also find important information in fields, saving employees having to search through multiple pages. 


The portal used also lets clients provide any information needed, upload documents and sign their loan agreement digitally.


"The admin time per file has dropped from 12 to less than 4 hours, a massive efficiency gain!"
Arco ten Klooster
Arco ten Klooster
Managing director and co-founder of Casarion

The impact

Implementing Fyndoo has reduced the number of handover moments for Casarion. “The processing time per file has been reduced from 12 to less than 4 hours, an enormous efficiency gain” explains Arco. “This allows us to quickly get to the essence of our work.”


Arco feels Fyndoo really supports the process while at the same time ensuring important checks, such as the four-eyes principle and the division of functions.


“Using Fyndoo also enables us to communicate in a much more proactive way with our advisors. With the big advantage that the client gets clarification about their financing much faster. Nowadays we regularly receive compliments from advisors, which of course makes our work more enjoyable!”

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Casarion is specialised in financing corporate real estate. With its buy-to-let mortgage, it hopes to finance rental properties across the Netherlands. Its clients consist of smaller to medium-sized professional real estate investors.


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