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Learn more about sustainable financing and lending (impact lending). What are the challenges and opportunities of impact lending? And how to translate this into your strategy? Get inspiration for your own strategy with six different routes. And discover how Fyndoo is already supporting impact lending.

The need of sustainable finance

The sustainable transition is very complex - it touches all aspects of environment, society and economy. Take for example assessing the sustainability of an SME. 

SMEs account for more than 50% of global employment and turnover, and are the main driver of growth and innovation. Yet many banks see SMEs as complex and difficult to service. The result: SMEs are currently financially underserved, and sustainability factors don’t exactly improve the situation! This state of affairs is holding back the transition to a sustainable economy.


Why we need to change is clear: there is no Planet B. So the key question is, how are we going to switch to a sustainable future?


This playbook provides strategic starting points for financial institutions. Obviously a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work, so we offer a strategic framework for sustainable lending. Use our playbook for inspiration when developing your own sustainable lending strategy.

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